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Core - I Management concepts
Core - II Managerial Communication
Core - III Mathematics & Statistics
Core - IV Managerial Economics
Core - V Organizational Behaviour
Core - VI Management Accounting

Semester – II

Core - VII Operation Research
Core - VIII Production Management
Core - IX Marketing Management
Core - X Financial Management
Core - XI Human Resource Management
Core - XII Research Methodology

Project Work

The Project work scheduled during III Semester Summer Holidays and Viva Exam will be on the beginning of IV Semester.

All MBA students must undertake a paid Internship Training for 4-8 week at the end of the first year

Semester - III

Core - XIII Strategic Management
Core - XIV Business Law
Core - XV Management Information Systems
Elective - I Course A-I / B-I / C-I / D-I / E-I
Elective - II Course A-II / B-II / C-II / D-II / E-II
Elective -III Course A-III / B-III / C-III / D-III / E-III

Semester - IV

Core - XVI International Business Environment IV
Core - XVII Entrepreneurial Development
Core -XVIII Management Control Systems
Elective - IV Course A-IV / B-IV / C-IV / D-IV / E-IV
Elective - V Course A-V / B-V / C-V / D-V / E-V
Elective - VI Course A-VI / B-VI / C-VI / D-VI / E-VI



A : Marketing

Semester – III

E-Course-I Consumer Behaviour
E-Course-II Business to Business Marketing
E-Course- III Sales and Distribution Management

Semester – IV 

E-Course-IV Advertising and Sales Promotion
E-Course-V Marketing of Services
E-Course-VI Retail Management

B : Finance

Semester – III

E-Course-I Strategic Cost Management
E-Course-II Financial Services
E-Course-III Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

Semester – IV 
E-Course-IV Project Management
E-Course-V Global Financial Management
E-Course-VI Wealth Management

C : Human Resource

Semester – III

E-Course-I Organisation Development
E-Course-II Reward Management
E-Course-III Leadership and Change Managemet

Semester – IV 

E-Course-IV Public Relations Management
E-Course- Managing Interpersonal Effectiveness
E-Course-VI Group Dynamics

D : Systems

Semester – III

E-Course-I E- Business
E-Course-II Internet Technologies
E-Course-III Knowledge Management

Semester – IV 

E-Course-IV Software Project Management
E-Course-V Relational Database System Management
E-Course-VI Object Oriented Programming & C++


MBA-(AICTE approved) - 2013 - 14 Admission in Progress- No Donation -Semester Fees Rs. 20,000/- Only
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